Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ashley Anne Kirilow, a 23-year-old woman was jailed after she allegedly faked having cancer in order to collect thousands of dollars in charity donations from people who thought she was dying.
According to police, Kirilow defrauded charity groups and hundreds of people to raise thousands of dollars in contributions for cancer treatments she never required. She even went so far as to shave her head, shave her eyebrows and starve herself to appear as though she was going through chemotherapy treatments.

Her fingers were tattooed with the phrases "love life" and "won't quit" just to pump up the dramatics.

Investigators say Kirilow's shenanigans began in 2008 when she was treated for a benign lump in one of her breasts. She then reportedly told everyone she was diagnosed with breast cancer - a lie that would eventually bilk friends and strangers out of $20,000 for cancer research and treatments.

Kirilow reportedly befriended charity groups and recruited volunteers who assisted her in organizing benefit concerts in her honor. One organization, Skate4Cancer flew Kirilow to Disney World to fulfill what she said was her "dying wish" to see the theme park.

Kirilow has since explained that she began the lie as "an opportunity to make my family feel bad for how as I treated."

Her story began to unravel when her parents became suspicious after she informed them she only had weeks to live. Kirilow has since promised to pay back everyone she took advantage of.
Kirilow was booked into the Vanier Centre for Woman on three counts of fraud under $5,000. She now faces up to two years in jail if convicted.

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