Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Bristol, Tenn. (SafeCITY) - Barrett Lance Hartsock of Bristol Tennessee was jailed after he allegedly broke into a funeral home and slept in one of the caskets.

According to police, officers were dispatched after employees at Weaver's Funeral Home in Bristol walked in and found two men asleep in funeral home caskets.

Investigators say two men broke into the funeral home overnight and fell asleep in two of the funeral home's caskets. When the employees told the men they were calling police, the two men jumped out of a window and fled the premises.

Barrett Hartsock was captured, however the second man has not been found. Detectives say the two men caused more than $9,000 in damages to the caskets they slept in.

Hartsock was booked into jail on charges of burglary and vandalism over $1,000.

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