Saturday, July 30, 2011


Milwaukee, Wisconsin (SafeCITY) - Jordan Cardella, a 20-year-old Wisconsin man took a shot at gaining a little sympathy from an ex-girlfriend. And when we say 'took a shot', we mean it literally.

When Cardella failed to win back an ex-girlfriend's affections, he devised a plan that involved asking a friend to shoot him in the arm, hoping that the pain and suffering would attract sympathy from the woman he was pining away for. It didn't.

Michael Wezyk, 24, and Anthony Woodall, 20, were jailed after Cardella reportedly paid Wezyk to do the shooting and Woodall reportedly participated in the act.

Woodall refused to do the actual shooting, but Wezyk agreed to the plan in exchange for money and/or pain pills.

Investigators say the three suspects drove to a local street, where they had planned for a "gun fight" to take place. Cardella brought his own rifle, and asked Wezyk to shoot him three times in the back with it. Wezyk instead shot him once in the arm. Cardella immediately slumped over, then incredibly asked to be shot again. Wezyk told him that he was "done", and refused to shoot again.

Wezyk and Woodall both received two years probation and 100 hours of community service for their participation in the shooting of their friend. Cardella was initially charged with lying to police, but the case was dropped.  50% to 90% Discounts -Health, Fitness, Nutrition

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