Thursday, July 28, 2011


Fairfax, Virginia (SafeCITY) - Fairfax County police have released surveillance camera images of a serial butt slasher, hoping tips from the public will help them crack the case.

According to Fairfax County police, a Hispanic man slashed the buttocks of a woman who was shopping at an area mall.

The butt slash came when the 18-year-old woman noticed several clothes falling from a rack behind her while shopping inside a Forever XXI store at the Fair Oaks Mall.

She told police that she saw a man bend over to pick the clothes up - but then felt a sharp pain in her buttocks. By the time she realized that she was bleeding, the attacker was gone.

Investigators say this is the fifth time a woman has been attacked in this manner. A similar attack occurred back in June at the nearby Greenbriar Shopping Center. Other similar incidents were reported at the Tysons Corner Mall and two more incidents at the Fair Oaks Mall earlier this year.

In each reported case, the attacker distracts the woman in some manner, then slashes her in the buttocks using a box cutter or razor blade device.

Investigators believe the attacker has a sexual disorder known as piquerism and warn that he likely will not stop until he's caught.

Detectives describe the man as a heavy set Hispanic male in his late 20's. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Solvers at 866-411-TIPS or email at

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