Friday, June 10, 2011


Clarksville, Tennessee (SafeCITY) - Alex Baker, a 20-year-old Tennessee man was jailed after he he allegedly called 911 to report a fake murder and stabbing because he had gone "two days without a cigarette".

According to Clarksville Police, Baker called 911 around 7:13 p.m. to announce that he had just witnessed a murder at 1804 Evans Road. He then reportedly hung up before giving dispatchers his name.

About 13 minutes later, Baker allegedly called 911 dispatchers again, reporting that he had just been pushed out of a car door and then stabbed near a wooded area on Shaw Road. Again, he hung up without identifying himself.

After another 23 minutes passed, Baker called a 3rd time claiming that he was dying in the woods and that a man named Alex Baker killed his girlfriend and buried her in a small town west of Clarksville. Baker then hung up, once again without identifying himself.

After triangulating the origin of the call, investigators arrived at Baker's door, however Baker claimed that he did not place the calls and hadn't seen his cell phone in days.

Meanwhile, Clarksville police, working in tandem with the Montomery County Sheriff's office launched a full-scale search for the reported murder and stabbing victims. K9 units and a police helicopter were deployed to assist in the search.

Investigators continued to question Baker who allegedly cracked and confessed to making the phone calls.

When detectives asked Baker what kind of weenie-wank would pull such a stupid stunt, Baker reportedly answered that he was "bored and was anxious because he hadn't had a cigarette in two days."

Baker was booked into jail on three counts of false report. His bail was set at $15,000.

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