Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Fort Lauderdale, FL (SafeCITY) - Bernadette Besario Catan-Keeler, a 30-year-old Florida newlywed was jailed after she allegedly attacked and bit her husband hours after the wedding.

According to police, the couple was married on Saturday and celebrated that night by renting a motel and then going to a local nightclub.

Investigators say the husband, Mike Keeler, became angry when he saw his new wife dancing with another man and left the club to return to the hotel. His wife, who was intoxicated, followed a short time later.

That's when Catan-Keeler allegedly pushed and then bit her new husband.

Mike Keeler left the hotel and returned to the couple's Lighthouse Point home, and again was followed by Catan-Keeler who ripped off his shirt, threw water on him and bit his right arm, according to police.

Officers were called Sunday morning and arrived at the couple's home to find Catan-Keeler screaming for help, while her husband held her down with one hand and held a cell phone in the other.

Catan-Keeler told police that the bite marks on her husband were a result of them "fooling around" two days prior.

Keeler told police that he didn't want his wife to go to jail. He arrived at Catan-Keeler's bond hearing the next day to ask the judge for leniency, pointing out that she was intoxicated and in an altered state of mind.

Catan-Keeler was booked into jail on charges of domestic violence and battery. Her bond was set at $4,500. The judge ordered Catan-Keeler to stay away from alcohol and her husband.

"For newlyweds, this is not starting things off on the right foot," said judge John Hurley. "I hope this is a small bump in the road and you two can iron it all out and have a nice long life together."

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