Thursday, June 30, 2011

$1,000,000 FAKE

Sharpsville, Pennsylvania (SafeCITY) - Joseph Lombardi, a 23-year-old Sharpsville man was jailed Monday after he allegedly tried to buy synthetic marijuana with a fake million dollar bill.

According to Sharpsville police, Lombardi attempted to purchase a bag of herbal incense labeled "Space Cadet Flight Risk" from a local Food Mart store.

Space Cadet Flight Risk is an herbal potpourri incense that mimics the characteristics of marijuana when smoked. A law banning the substance was signed into law last week and will officially go into effect in August.

Investigators say Lombardi approached the store's cashier and presented a counterfeit million dollar bill, but the employee recognized that it was fake and declined the transaction.

When Lombardi's plan didn't work, he reportedly fled the scene with the bag of incense.

Lombardi was booked into jail and charged with theft by deception and retail theft.

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