Sunday, May 15, 2011


London, England (SafeCITY) - Barry Laverick, 41, lost a request for a new trial after he was sentenced to jail earlier this month for biting the head off a snake in front of his two horrified children.

According to Teesside Crown Court prosecutors, Laverick was intoxicated when he went to the home of his girlfriend, Victoria West, and their two sons (ages 2 and 12).

Investigators say Laverick and his girlfriend were discussing an upcoming house move when he took issue with moving the boys' pet snake and the family dog.

Laverick became increasing aggressive with the issue, grabbing the snake and then calling the family to the foot of a staircase inside the home. Laverick then threatened to bite the snake's head off, while his son's begged him not to.

Despite his son's pleas, Laverick lifted the 50 cm corn snake and bit its head clean off, according to prosecutors.

As Laverick's sons cried, West placed both parts of the snake back into its tank. That's when Laverick reportedly called to the dog and stated "If you think that's bad, wait 'til I cut the dog's head off."

Laverick then commenced pulling on West's hair after she ordered him out of her house. He was arrested the next day on charges of animal cruelty and assault.

During the trial, Lavarick's only explanation for his behavior was a recent loss of work. The judge rejected his excuse and sentenced him to four months in jail.

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