Thursday, May 26, 2011


Paterson, NJ (SafeCITY) - Yenitza Colichon, a 33-year-old Pennsylvania woman has pleaded guilty to charges of forcing her daughter to witness the slaughter of a chicken before force feeding her the bird's heart.

According to police, Colichon brought her 7-year-old daughter to the home of a couple who agreed to perform a ritual on her daughter that involved sacrificing a chicken and then feeding the little girl the chicken's heart.

Investigators say Colichon was about to leave for basic training in May 2007, when she asked the couple to perform the ceremony in hopes of placing a hedge of protection around her daughter while she was gone.

Detectives launched an investigation after the little girl told a teacher that she was having nightmares following the ritual. Police obtained a warrant and searched the couple's home.

Inside, police found dolls, a shrine, machetes and bundles of sticks - some of which had blood and animal hair on them.

Colichon and the couple involved were indicted on charges of cruelty and neglect of a child and child endangerment. Colichon pleaded guilty to the charge on Monday.

She now faces up to five years of probation at a sentencing hearing that has been set for June 24.

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