Friday, March 25, 2011


Portsmouth, N.H. (SafeCITY) - Shannon Leathers, a 34-year-old New Hampshire woman was sentenced to jail after she allegedly promised a neighborhood boy a video game if he agreed to steal his mother's bottle of painkillers.

According to police, Leathers was arrested back in August after she approached a neighborhood boy and told him that she'd buy him the video game he wanted if he'd swipe his mother's bottle of Percocet and bring it to her.

Investigators say the boy agreed to her request and brought her the bottle. She then reportedly removed the label from the bottle and kept the drugs.

The jig was up when the boy's mother asked if he had seen her medication and he admitted to taking them.

Leathers was jailed on felony counts of criminal solicitation, possessing a narcotic and receiving stolen property. The judge sentenced her to a year in jail, but suspended all but one and a half months of the sentence.

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