Sunday, March 27, 2011


Monticello, New York (SafeCITY) - Keith Gruber, a 49-year-old Swan Lake resident was jailed after he allegedly showed up drunk at DUI court carrying an open can of Busch beer.

According to Sullivan County authorities, Gruber was arrested on December 27th on a felony DWI charge and was booked into jail. He was released after posting $30,000 cash bail and was scheduled to appear in court next month.

Investigators say Gruber was an hour and a half late for his hearing. When he did finally showed up, he was clearly intoxicated.

Police say Gruber tried to go through the courthouse security checkpoint carrying an open can of Busch beer. He had four other unopened cans stashed away in a black bag which he tried to discard before passing through the checkpoint.

When he appeared before the judge, he was asked if he enjoyed his "liquid lunch." He admitted that he did, and apologized for his behavior.

The judge ordered him to jail without bond at the conclusion of the hearing pending his next hearing.

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