Thursday, February 24, 2011


Sioux Falls, South Dakota (SafeCITY) - Jose Sanchez, a 20-year-old South Dakota man was jailed after he tied up and beat his girlfriend after he discovered that she had Googled "How to to get out of an abusive relationship."

According to police, Sanchez became enraged when he discovered that his 18-year-old girlfriend had used her cell phone to research "how to get out of an abusive relationship."

Investigators say the victim tried to delete the search phrase from her phone, however things turned ugly when Sanchez checked the phone's deleted history and discovered she what she had been researching.

Police say Sanchez retaliated by tying the victim up with a belt and an extension cord. He then allegedly punched and kicked her for twenty minutes until she convinced him that she needed to go to a hospital.

Sanchez reportedly took the woman to the hospital and stood by while she told emergency workers that she had been in a fight with another woman. She was treated for multiple cracked ribs and bruising before being released. On the way home, Sanchez reportedly told the woman that he would kill her if she tried to leave the house.

The victim finally had an opportunity to escape when Sanchez became intoxicated and went to another apartment in the complex to see a friend. That's when she called police, told them what had happened.

Sanchez was booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault, second-degree kidnapping and interfering with emergency communications (for taking away her cell phone so she couldn't call police). His bond has been set at $10,000.

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