Friday, February 18, 2011


Portsmouth, Virginia (SafeCITY) - Ashley Marie Fowler, a 21-year-old Virginia woman who was arrested last week for beheading a pig and then leaving it on a Chesapeake resident's front porch has been arrested again.

According to police, Fowler used an axe to decapitate one pig while stabbing another to death with a bowie knife. She then left the dead pigs' carcasses on a resident's front porch before slashing the victim's tires.

Investigators say the axe, a bowie knife, a black ski mask, six fire extinguishers and a wooden cross were found inside Fowler's 1996 Ford Explorer. The two weapons, police say, are consistent with the type of instrument used to assault the animals.

One of the pigs' owners told investigators that Fowler murdered the animals in retaliation because he broke up with a woman who is Fowler's friend.

Now police have tied evidence found in Fowler's vehicle to a recent church burglary in which three wooden crosses and three fire extinguishers were stolen. Two of the wooden crosses are still unaccounted for.

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