Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Clarkston, Michigan (SafeCITY) - Antoinette Jane Tyrer, a 38-year-old Michigan woman was jailed after she allegedly turned a simple misdemeanor shoplifting charge into a string of felony charges that may land her in jail for many years to come.

According to the Oakland County Sheriff's office, deputies were first dispatched after a Kohl's department store security officer complained that a woman was attempting to shoplift from the store.

When deputies arrived, they first encountered Tyrer as she was leaving the store parking lot. A pursuit began when Tyrer ignored their attempts to pull her over, and instead entered northbound Interstate-75. She reportedly raced along the freeway shoulder, switched highway directions using an emergency turnaround and then began driving southbound on Interstate-75.

Tyrer's vehicle was finally stopped when police boxed her in near the Baldwin exit - and that's when things really turned bizarre.

Investigators say Tyrer refused to exit the vehicle as they commanded - but instead, locked the doors, lit up a cigarette and puffed away amid the blur of emergency lights and oncoming freeway traffic.

When she finally unlocked the car's door, she struggled with deputies who attempted to handcuff her. She finally relented after deputies won her cooperation with few a helpful zaps from a stun gun. A breathalyzer would later reveal her blood alcohol limit to be above the legal limit for impaired driving.

Tyrer was booked into the Oakland County Jail on charges of drunk driving (third offense), felony fleeing and eluding an officer, felony resisting arrest, driving with a suspended license (second offence) and misdemeanor retail fraud. Her bail was set at $100,000.

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