Sunday, January 16, 2011


Orlando, Florida (SafeCITY) – Jamie Baldiga, a 21-year-old Florida woman, was arrested and hauled off to jail for a DUI charge - but not before she unleashed a torrent of patrol car melt down that even a dose of pepper spray failed to abate.

According to the Orlando Police Department, an officer on patrol had no idea what he was in for when pulled behind Baldiga's swerving car. When the officer placed Baldiga under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, all hell broke loose.

"Yeah, I had one drink," she told the officer, according to his report. "Get me a ride home." When he refused to give her a ride, she rolled off a couple of expletives and told him, "There are real criminals out there and you're going to arrest me because I am drunk?" the report shows.

Investigators say she made the ride to jail a riveting one.

After slipping out of her handcuffs, she proceeded to bang on the back of the officer's seat, kicked at the patrol car's windows and pounded on the vehicle's doors and roof.

When the officer stopped the car to put Baldiga's handcuffs back on, she reportedly retaliated by kicking the officer twice in the chest. That's when he reportedly shot a dose of pepper spray into her face.

In the report, the arresting officer stated “It should be noted that through all my years of law enforcement, I have never dealt with a more violent and uncooperative person.”

Orange County Jail records show that she had to be placed in a special area of the jail “because of her violent nature.”

This is Baldiga’s third arrest on alcohol-related incidents since 2009.

She was booked into the Orange County Jail on charges of DUI, resisting arrest without violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. She was released after posting $2,100 bail.

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