Monday, January 31, 2011


Seattle, Washington (SafeCITY) - Duane Starkenburg, a 46-year-old Washington man was jailed after he allegedly attacked three women joggers - planting his face inside the butt cheeks of two women and attempting to assault a third woman the same way.

In August, a woman was jogging with her dog in the park when a man she had just passed tripped and grabbed her hips as he fell.

"He did a face plant in my butt (and) lingered for a few moments," she told detectives.

When the woman managed to break free, she looked back to find Starkenburg looking at his hands.

"He was on the ground looking at his hands," she stated. "It was just an act. He was like 'What just happened.'"

On December 8, a woman was walking up a staircase to the park's parking lot when Starkenburg popped "out of nowhere," and asked her for help because of an injury. As she helped him up the stairs, he reportedly got behind her, grabbed her hips and then buried his head in her buttocks.

"I screamed... His nose was up my butt. I was very shocked," the woman told detectives.

The woman kicked Starkenburg away after he attempted to hang onto her her ankles. Once she broke free, he reportedly apologized and claimed it was an accident.

Last Tuesday, Starkenburg struck again. Investigators say he ran up from behind and tried to tackle a woman, throwing his arms around her legs. The man "grabbed both of the front of her thighs and slid down to her ankles," stated the arrest affidavit.

The woman was able to kick free of Starkenburg before fleeing the scene. Starkenburg also reportedly fled the scene, however he was apprehended by police a short time later.

Investigators say Starkenburg admitted to the incidents, but again claimed that they were accidents.

During a police interview, Starkenburg reportedly told detectives that he visits the park every day to "watch women run as he likes to watch them 'jiggle and bounce.'"

"It's not like I drag the women into the bushes and rape them," he told investigators.

Starkenburg we booked into jail on two counts of indecent liberties and one count attempted indecent liberties. He was released after his parents posted his $150,000 bond.

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