Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Pacolate Mills, South Carolina (SafeCITY) - Miriam Fowler Smith, a 65-year-old South Carolina woman was jailed after she allegedly confessed to hanging and then burning a dog because it had chewed her bible.

According to Spartanburg County authorities, Smith admitted to investigators that she had wrapped an extension cord around the dog's neck, hung it from a tree, and then set it on fire.

Investigators say Smith's nephew, who owns the dog, first noticed the animal missing when he left home January 9th and returned January 15th. When he couldn't find the dog, he assumed it had gotten loose. After pressing his aunt about the possible whereabouts of the dog, she reportedly admitted to killing it, referring to the animal as a "devil dog."

Officers interviewed Smith January 16th as she was leaving her residence to walk to church. Smith reportedly admitted to them that she killed the dog, stating that it had chewed on her bible. She went on to say she was concerned that the dog might bite children in the neighborhood, therefore God instructed her to kill the dog.

Police later found the dog, a pit bull named Diamond, buried under a mount of grass on the woman's property.

Smith was booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center on a felony charge of ill treatment of animals.

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