Sunday, December 5, 2010


Mission Viejo, California (SafeCITY) - Mark Alan Jarosik, a 43-year-old Ladera Ranch man was charged with soliciting the murder of an ex-girlfriend - requesting that the murder be videotaped so that he could watch it at Christmas.

According to documents, Jarosik was arrested in June on charges of attempted murder - after he allegedly raped his ex-girlfriend and then returned to her home several times to assault her.

In May Jarosik was charged with two felony counts of forcible rape and one felony count of attempted sodomy by force.

After Jarosik's mother and sister bailed him out in June, he returned to the victim's home and attempted to break in, however Jarosik fled when the woman's children saw his hands coming through the window.

Jarosik came back the next day and attacked the woman outside her home - banging her head against the curb. She was hospitalized with severe head trauma.

Jarosik was arrested a short time later on charges of attempted murder, forcible rape, battery, burglary, sodomy and violating a restraining order.

Did Jarosik learn his lesson? Apparently not.

Prosecutors now say Jarosik attempted to solicit the murder of his ex-girlfriend from behind bars. Investigators say Jarosik solicited another inmate to have his ex-girlfriend killed - requesting that the murder be videotaped so he could watch it at Christmas time.

Jarosik is also accused of violating an order of protection by sending the victim several letters from jail, expressing his affection for her - asking her to visit him, according to Farrah Emami of the District Attorney's Office.

Jarosik, who is a former architect, was charged with solicitation of murder and two counts of attempting to disobey a court order. He is now being held without bail.

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