Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Chester, Pennsylvania (SafeCITY) - Francis McGinley, a 44-year-old Pennsylvania man was jailed after he allegedly struck two kittens with his truck and then took them home "to eat them."

According to the Delaware County SPCA, authorities were notified when McGinley returned to his apartment with two blood soaked kittens and told his roommate that he ran over them with his truck and intended to "eat them for dinner."

Although McGinley hadn't yet followed through on his plans, his horrified roommate called police.

The four-week-old kittens, now named Karma and Nirvana, were taken to a vet for treatment. One kitten was initially pronounced dead, but was later revived. Both kittens have been placed in foster care and will be available for adoption in about four weeks.

McGinley was booked into jail on charges of animal cruelty, public drunkenness and reckless endangerment. He was released after posting bail.

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