Friday, September 24, 2010


West Seattle, Washington (SafeCITY) - DNA evidence has finally identified two Seattle men who are responsible for the brutal beating of 16-year-old Shane McClellan. As the two men beat, burned and urinated on the teen, they claimed the attack was retribution for slavery.

According to King County Prosecutors, Ahmed Mohamed, 22, and Jonathan Baquiring, 21, delivered the teen a beatdown that went on for four-hours. During the attack, the two men reportedly told the teen "The white man has held us down long enough. This is for enslaving our people."

Investigators say the men whipped McClellan repeatedly with his own belt, stating "How does it feel?" They went on to kick and punch the teen, urinate on him, pour beer on him and stub out a cigarette on his neck - all the while reminding him of the purpose behind the attack.

Finally, the two men robbed McClellan and left him on the street with a concussion, asking "How do you like it white boy?"

Authorities soon apprehended the two men after finding them near the scene with bloody hands. McClellen then identified the two men in a police line up. But in a move that still has McClellan and his family baffled, investigators released the two men because they didn't have DNA evidence available to link the two suspects to the crime.

Now, nearly five months later, police have linked the two suspect's DNA to bodily fluids found at the scene and have officially charged the two assailants.

Baquiring has since been captured and booked into jail on charges of robbery and malicious harassment (a hate crime). His bail was set at $500,000. Mohamed, however, remains at large.

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