Thursday, August 5, 2010


Stratford, Connecticut (SafeCITY) - Frances Rodriguez, a 60-year-old Stratford woman, was found dead under a pile of laundry after her husband finally noticed she was missing.

According to the Stratford Police Department, Rodriguez's husband woke up to find his wife missing around 5am but thought she had just went for an early morning walk.

Investigator's say Rodriguez's husband went to work and became concerned when he returned and she was still not home. Around 8pm, he reportedly called police to report her missing.

Officer's obtained a search warrant for the couple's home and that's when an officer found Rodriguez's foot sticking out from under a pile of laundry that had previously hung on a rack.

Rodriguez's body appeared to have been deceased for several days, however investigators have reportedly ruled out foul play in the woman's death.

It's believed that Rodriguez likely sat at the edge of the bed, suffered a cardiac arrest, and collapsed onto a rack of clothes, causing it to fall and cover her body, police say.

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