Thursday, July 29, 2010


Westminster, Maryland (SafeCITY) - Randy Humple, a 27-year-old Maryland man was sentenced to jail after he allegedly stole a tarantula from a local public library.

According to police, library employees called police after a pet Tarantula named Chili Rose turned up missing from the library's front desk.

The thief came to police attention when witnesses told authorities that they saw Humple with the spider and that he bragged about stealing it.

Carroll County Circuit Judge, Barry Hughes, sentenced Humple to 90 days in jail for stealing the spider. He then tacked on an additional 4 years in prison since Humple was on probation for a 2007 assault case.

Humple reportedly told the judge that he knew he had "done some stupid things", by which the judge answered by saying his actions may have been "stupid on one level," but were also "criminal on another level".

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