Friday, June 18, 2010


Chicago, Illinois (SafeCITY) - Jamelia Lillian Sanders, a 36-year-old South Side man was jailed after he pretended to be a woman to gain access to two children he is alleged to have molested.

According to Chicago police, Sanders befriended a family several years ago and told them that he was a woman. He was allowed to spend time with two girls, ages seven and nine, and spent a lot of time alone with them while "taking them out".

Investigators say the children told their family Sanders had sexually assaulted them and that he threatened to kill them if they told anyone. He abused the younger victim repeatedly between 2007-2008, and began abusing the older child in January 2010.

Sanders was booked into jail and charged with two counts of predatory sexual assault. He is being held without bond.

It is unclear why Sander appears to be badly beaten in his mug shot photo. Angry family members, perhaps?

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