Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Alliance, Ohio (SafeCITY) - Audrey Scott, a 57-year-old Ohio woman, was arrested after she allegedly called 911 hoping to find a husband.

According to the Alliance Police Department, Scott called 911 five times in an hour wanting the 911 dispatcher to find her a husband.

Investigators say Scott claimed to be intoxicated when she placed the 911 calls and was feeling "bad" and "lonely." Below is an excerpt of the call.

Scott: Get me that husband.

911: You need to get a husband?

Scott: Yes.

911: You're calling 911 to get a husband? Do you know you can get arrested for dialing 911?

Scott: Let's do it.

911: You want to get arrested for dialing 911?

Scott: Absolutely.

Scott says she realizes what she did was wrong. "I had too much to drink. I was feeling bad,"

She also said that officers came to her house to arrest her because she had, "called 911 for no good reason."

Scott was booked into the Stark County Jail on charges of calling 911 which is a class 4 misdemeanor. Scott spent three days in jail.

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