Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lilburn, GA (SafeCITY) - Westley Strellis, a 24-year-old Lilburn man was jailed after he allegedly smashed 29 flat-screen TVs with an aluminum baseball bat at a local Wal-mart, causing $22,887 in damages.

According to Lilburn police, Strellis picked up a baseball bat from the sporting goods isle at a Lilburn Walmart and strolled casually down the TV isle, smashing one TV after another as onlookers watched, backing away as he approached.

Stellis then threw the bat and sat calmly on the floor until police arrived. When an officer approached, he simply threw up his arms, making the gesture for police to handcuff him.

A bottle of Effexor XR, a prescription medication for depression that can cause patients to become irritable, hostile, agitated, impulsive, and restless, according to the drug's website.

Strellis was booked into the Gwinnet County Jail and charged with 29 counts of criminal damage to property in the second degree. Bond information was not available.

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