Monday, February 22, 2010


Silver Springs, MD (SafeCITY) - Najie Walker, a 21-year-old Maryland man was arrested after he allegedly kidnapped two dogs and then held one of them, a poodle, for ransom.

According to Montgomery County Police, things began to go sideways when two dogs went missing out of their owner's Silver Springs yards.
The missing dogs, a one year old poodle mix and a golden retriever were both marked with identification tags.

Investigators say Walker contacted the poodle's owner, Gloria Chicas, and demanded cash for return of her dog.

Police took an increased interest in the case when the golden retriever in question was found dead - after being struck by a vehicle. Authorities believe the dog was hit after Walker failed to maintain control of the dog.

Walker reportedly set up a meeting place at a local TGI Fridays restaurant, however he never showed up. It was at that point police, posing as Chicas' cousin, set up a second meeting.

Walker agreed to turn over the poodle at a local McDonalds in exchange for $300 cash.

"Mr. Walker made it easy for the officers because he kept calling," said Dan Friz of the Montgomery County Police Dept..

Walker arrived at the exchange location this time, however, when he saw police at the scene he attempted to flee to no avail. He was found hiding in a bathroom stall at a nearby business.

Walker was booked into jail on charges of theft under $1,000.

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