Sunday, January 10, 2010


Kingsport, TN (SafeCITY) - Michael Amyx, a 28-year-old Kingsport man was jailed after he was allegedly standing outside arguing with his father, dressed in a Nazi uniform.

According to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, Amyx called 911 several times while fighting with his father late Saturday.

When officers arrived at the scene (for the third time), they found Amyx standing outside his home dressed in a Nazi uniform, visibly intoxicated. He stated to police that he wanted to evict his father from the residence, according to investigators.

Amyx’s girlfriend stated that he always fights with his father when he drinks.

Amyx was arrested for his own safety and the safety of others at the residence due to the ongoing problems with his father and repeated calls to police. Bond information was not available.

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