Tuesday, December 29, 2009


SafeCITY) – Louise Glover, a former Playboy Model of the Year, was jailed after she allegedly assaulted a woman with a toilet, causing her nose to relocate to the side of her face

The reason? The victim supposedly “looked at her husband”.

According to Essex police, Glover was partying at the Oceana night club in Brighton where Glover is employed as a hostess with her friends Nancy Stillwater and DJ Maxine Hardcastle, daughter of 80s musician Paul Hardcastle..

The three women ended up in a bathroom where an argument ensued when the women allegedly looked at Glover’s estranged husband, Ben Porter.

Glover spilled her drink down the front of Stillwater’s dress, and when she went to clean it off she left Stillwater and Glover alone in the bathroom. Glover then became enraged and hit Hardcastle in the face, breaking her nose and causing her to hit her head on a bathroom stall, according to investigators.

Glover then picked up the bloody victim by her hair and slammed her head onto a toilet seat repeatedly. She then tried to drown Hardcastle by shoving her face into the toilet. The victim could not breathe out of her nose and fought for her life to keep her head out of the water.

The attack ended when Glover’s husband came into the bathroom and stopped his wife.

Glover claimed that she acted in self defense and Hardcastle sustained her injuries when the stall door was kicked in.

Upon conviction of assault, Glover reportedly threw herself to the floor, howled and sobbed hysterically. Sentencing was adjourned until February 4th.

This was not the first time this bad bunny has been in trouble with the law. In 2005, she was convicted of benefit fraud while employed as a model and was sentenced to 240 hours of community service, which she failed to carry out.

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