Monday, December 21, 2009


Paisley, FL (SafeCITY) – Karen Fronek-Spencer, a 43-year-old Oregon woman was jailed after she allegedly gave her grandmother a “marijuana cookie” - sending grandma on a trip to the hospital and other colorful places.

According to Lake County police, Spencer’s son and his girlfriend witnessed Spencer giving her grandmother, 72-year-old Donna Hughes-Fronek, a cookie without informing her it was laced with pot. The family was in Florida on holiday when the incident took place.

When the victim asked what was in the cookie, Spencer shared the special ingredient and told her that it would “make her body feel better”.

Shortly after, Spencer started having heart problems and chest pains and had to be rushed by ambulance to Deland Hospital. She was released five hours later, according to investigators.

Spencer cooperated with police and stated that she only gave her grandmother a small portion of the cookie and did not mean for her to become ill.

All of the tasty evidence was destroyed before authorities arrived.

Spencer stated that this was all a mistake and that she did not believe her granddaughter abused her.

She was booked into Lake County Jail on charges of tampering with food and abuse of an elderly adult. Her bond was set at $20,000.

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