Thursday, November 5, 2009


Palm Bay, FL (SafeCITY) – Tony Green, 44, was arrested when authorities uncovered a twisted kidnapping/sex-slave plot that Green intended to act out against a long-time friend

According to Palm Bay police, Green had long planned to lure a friend of many years in to his home and hold her captive as his personal sex slave.

Authorities say Green had had sexual fantasies about the victim for over a year and been organizing the kidnapping for several weeks. The plan was to pose the woman for pictures, and then use them to blackmail her in to sleeping with him once a week – “as a treat.”

According to reports, the man lured the victim inside his home by urging her to look at his cat. Once inside the residence, Green cuffed the woman, telling her, “I gotta have it.” There was a brief struggle before the victim convinced him to let her go.

Upon searching the home, investigators discovered eyebolts in the floor and ceiling of one room, and additionally seized handcuffs, rope, and leather straps as evidence.

Green was booked in to Brevard County jail on charges of kidnapping, attempted sexual battery, and aggravated stalking. Bond was set at $201,000.

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