Saturday, November 7, 2009


Shanghai, China (SafeCITY) - Ying Shi, a 26-year-old woman in Shanghai China finally got to the "bottom" of a mystery pain that had her and doctors stumped.

Shi, who had been mugged four months earlier, complained to doctors that she had a stabbing pain in her stomach, but doctors were unable to offer an explanation for it.

Finally, one doctor ordered and X-Ray which revealed the source of the pain - a razor sharp six inch blade that had penetrated deep into her buttocks. In fact, it was buried so deep into her buttocks, that it was pressing against Shi's bladder.

"All I remember of the night was a stabbing pain in my backside," said Shi. "I thought they had just slashed me, I didn't realize the whole blade had gone all the way in."

"I am amazed they missed it the first time around, but very relieved that they've found it now," she added.

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