Sunday, November 15, 2009


Golden Valley, Minnesota (SafeCITY) - Arvilla Meinhardt, a 70-year-old day care provider was arrested after she allegedly used large safety pins and pajamas to create straight jackets to control and punish the children she was caring for.

According to police, Menhardt used large safety pins with plastic animal heads to punish the children in her care who misbehaved.

Investigators say Meinhardt told them she would take the child's arms out of the sleeves and then pin the sleeves behind the child's back, creating a straight jacket. She also told officers she would pin the child's pajama legs together at the calves and pin the zippers shut so the children couldn’t get out.

One child in Meinhartd's care told detectives Meinhardt used the same type of pins to attach her to a mattress during nap time.

When authorities visited the daycare, they found pajama tops and bottoms that had safety pin holes in them - corroborating the child's allegations. Meinhardt told officers that she had been using this method to punish and control children in her care for the last 8 years.

Meinhardt was booked into jail on charges of malicious punishment and false imprisonment.

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