Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Los Angeles, CA (SafeCITY) - When a vandal began slapping hundreds of stickers marked "Who Is John Scott" around town on city buses, police were perplexed..... and the mystery went on for months.

Who was this vandal? Surely some unruly youth, right?

The mystery was finally solved when police tracked down the perpetrator to discover the embarrassingly obvious. The vandal's name was.....well..... John Smith, of course. And he certainly was no teen.

Police arrested 74-year-old Smith - nearly seven months after the mysterious signs began appearing.

Investigators say the case was solved after a small patrol was set up to monitor graffiti on the Metro Center's downtown subway station. Officers watched as an older-looking man pulled a sticker out of his brief case and slapped it on the transit hub's main stairwell.

The stickers contained an invitation for users to visit John Scott's website, where the "mystery man" goes on to tease readers about his identity.... and for a price, you can even purchase a Who Is John Scott T-shirt or hat.

Smith was booked into jail on suspicion of felony vandalism.

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