Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Edgewater, Colorado (SafeCITY) – Aaron Siebers, a 29-year-old Blockbuster Video clerk was jailed for false reporting after he allegedly came into his work stating that he was attacked and stabbed, then later admitted that he stabbed himself because he needed to be off work that evening.

The reason he needed to be off? He ripped his uniform pants while skateboarding and was worried that he would be “written up” for not wearing the appropriate attire.

According to authorities, Siebers walked into his place of employment, Blockbuster Video, around 6:30 p.m. and reported that he had been attacked and stabbed by three men who tried to rob him.

Investigators state that Siebers had several minor cuts on his face and stomach, as well as a deep stab wound in one leg. He was rushed to San Anthony Hospital where he received stitches for the wound on his leg.

Meanwhile, officers from 5 different agencies complete with K-9 units began a large manhunt for the three suspects, who Siebers described as being “skinheads” or “Hispanic” dressed in all black, according to investigators.

After reviewing a surveillance video from a Target nearby, detectives found that no attack had taken place.Investigators questioned Siebers, who admitted that he stabbed himself because he needed an excuse to get off of work that day. He also admitted that the cuts on his face and stomach were a result from his skateboard accident.

Siebers was booked into Jefferson County Jail on charges of false reporting and obstruction of justice. Bond amount was not available.

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