Monday, November 30, 2009


Knoxville, Tenn (SafeCITY) - Vincent Salters, a 46-year-old Tennessee man was arrested after he robbed a shoe store only to discover later the shoe's he had stolen were all left shoes.

According to police, Salters was inside a Knoxville Shoe Show when he slipped into the store's stock-room and re-emerged with four or five shoes.

Investigators say a store employee locked the front door in an attempt to keep Salters from leaving with the shoes, but he pushed her aside and fled the store with the shoes.

The robbery was all for not, however, since the shoes Salters made off with were all left foot shoes. The right shoes that belonged to the pairs Salters stole were all out on display at the time of the theft.

Police caught up to Salters when he returned to the same store Wednesday and was recognized by an employee.

Salters was booked into jail on charges of theft under $500, simple assault and public intoxication.

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