Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tusla, Oklahoma (SafeCITY -) Johnnie Joe Hobbs, a 47-year-old convicted sex offender burned to death after setting himself on fire as authorities attempted to serve a warrant on him

According to the Tusla County Sheriff's Office, State Parole board officers were sent to Hobb's home to revoke his parole, but discovered he wasn't inside the home.

The officers then checked out a cargo van parked near the home and found Hobbs hiding inside.

Officers didn't have a chance to arrest Hobbs.

Vowing he would never be taken back to jail, Hobbs doused himself and the van with gasoline and ignited it, causing the van to explode into flames.

Investigators with the Tulsa Fire Department stated they did not immediately enter the van because of the danger it imposed on emergency workers. Authorities were also concerned with the prospect of Hobbs having a weapon.

Emergency workers were able to enter the van after it had burned for about 30 minutes. Hobb's charred remains were found inside.

Deputies say the officer had intended to serve Hobbs with three protective orders, in addition to revoking his suspended sentence. He was originally convicted on charges of showing obscene material to a child, lewd molestation and making lewd proposals to a child.

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