Thursday, October 29, 2009


Carroll, Iowa (SafeCITY) – Matthew McNelly, 23, and Joey Miller, 20, were arrested when their disguises failed to fool their potential victim or authorities. Probably because their disguises consisted of Sharpie scribbled masks that graced their rather vacant-looking faces.

Authorities with the Carroll Police Department received a tip that two suspicious men that appeared to be in black face were attempting to break into an apartment. What appeared at first glance to be black face was soon discovered to be permanent marker.

Police say they found the two suspects shortly after receiving the report when they pulled over a car that matched the description of the suspects’ vehicle a couple blocks from the apartment complex. Both of their faces had been haphazardly scribbled in with black marker, resulting in what appeared to be a…Batman…scruffy beard face…raccoon…I’m not sure what the hell they were going for, but clearly, it didn’t work.

Authorities were originally advised that the suspects were wearing holsters and thus the two were arrested at gunpoint. However, the men had neither weapons nor holsters and were arrested without incident.

Both Miller and McNelly were booked in to Carroll County jail on charges of 2nd degree attempted robbery. McNelly was additionally charged with DUI. Both were released on $7,500 bond.

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